The Light Fantastic

Now available as a special DVD to buy!

Light Fantastic DVD front cover

To celebrate 25 years of performing science-based plays in Primary schools, the Kinetic Theatre Company is delighted to produce its first ever professional DVD complete with a CD containing everything you need to make your science lessons fun, varied and inclusive!!

The Light Fantastic is one of our touring musical comedies on the theme of light & the planets. This special adaptation is a non-musical version and is intended for teachers to incorporate in their science classroom lessons. The play and supporting material includes everything needed for upper KS2 as defined by the new National Curriculum for Science. Initially it is only available in certain areas:

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Up to 3 lessons for just £69.95 (plus p&p*)

Depending on you, your class and your timetable, simply follow the guidance provided to spread the DVD and Classroom activities into 3 × 1 hour lessons!

Included in the combo:

A DVD with a 3-choice menu:

  • A full version of the play including the science demonstrations (1 hour long).
  • A stop-start version with an auto-pause feature to indicate when teachers should pause for a science-related activity.
  • Isolated science demonstrations from the play.

A CD with:

  • FULL and COMPLETE instructions for the teacher.
  • Suggested ways to plan your lessons.
  • Classroom activities with learning outcomes.
  • Advanced activities for the more able.
  • Equipment lists – with simple, affordable equipment suggestions.


*2nd Class standard delivery is free or for Special Delivery please add £6.95.

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