Mummy Mia!

Maths and Numeracy-based musical comedy

“My Uncle Herbert’s gone and got himself trapped inside the pyramid of King Rameses in Egypt. Mr Cooper (who calls himself a magician) tells me that the pyramid is guarded by the statue of Cleopatra and that her evil mummified sister, Mia, is inside with Uncle. Apparently, to get inside I need to crack some kind of hieroglyphic mathematical code but that’s the least of my problems. First, I need to find the wretched place and I’m not sure whether or not I can trust the kiwi tour guide Ozzy on his filthy camel! And why does everyone keep telling me to ‘follow the hawk’s direction’?………”

The audience must help solve the mathematical problems to help Diana save her uncle.

Science Content Lower KS2 / KS1

Numbers, digits, odd & even, addition, partitioning, angles, pictograms, mathematical sums, measurements, scales

The children learn numbers are composed of digits and how they are constructed

Odd and Even Numbers are introduced and explained

Addition by partitioning is explained

Simple angles are demonstrated (e.g. the right angle) and rotation terms are explained without reference to degrees

How to take certain types of measurements is included and the children have to read a simple scale

Pictograms are included and the children have to do a simple mathematical sum using them

How to take certain types of measurements is included and the children have to read a simple scale

Science Content Upper KS2

Degrees, rotations, compass points, graphs, axes, negative numbers, problem solving

As KS1 but in greater detail…

Degrees are introduced with regard to rotations and some compass points

The children are shown how a graph is constructed using x and y axes and they have to identify certain co-ordinates. A number line is constructed and a game is played involving negative numbers

Problem Solving and the handling of data is integral to the plot


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