The Filacavity Hotel

Kinetic meets Fawlty Towers in a comedy on teeth, bones and nutrition

“Cripes Hester Fillacavity’s hotel is well wierd! Mind you – so are guests.

That rubbish actress Flossie Hargreaves is here complaining about the food-free menu – I mean it’s only like that for the good of her own teeth.

The archaeologist Mr Bones is kind-of sweet but he’s gone and lost his pet tarantula which has scared everyone.

And I’ve got a bad feeling about that cockney geezer with a false moustache from Renta-Denture so I only hope the combo of him, a ruby ring, that missing spider and a skeleton don’t make things go bump in the night!”

This spooky story examines teeth, bones and nutrition in a style where Kinetic meets Fawlty Towers!

Science Content Lower KS2 / KS1

3 main types of adult teeth, oral hygiene, brushing & flossing, parts of the body, nutrition, healthy lifestyle

The children are introduced to the 3 main types of adult teeth (canines, molars and incisors) and their functions

Basic oral hygiene is demonstrated and the children are shown how to brush and floss safely

The main parts of the body are identified (including the skeleton but without reference to particular bones)

Elementary nutrition is included and some elements contributing to a healthy lifestyle are included

Science Content Upper KS2

As for KS 1 but in greater detail.

The function of the skeleton & the identification of some of the key bones.

Nutrition extends to include the naming & purpose of some food components e.g. Carbohydrates; Protein.

How muscles work & muscle-pairs.


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