Frequently asked Questions

The Kinetic Theatre CompanyFrequently asked questions about the Streaming Service

How long is the Video?

58 minutes. Ideal for 1, 2 or 3 lessons depending on your timetable.

When is Science week?

It’s 5th – 14th March 2021 but generally speaking most schools treat the whole month of March as science ‘week’.

Can I play the video again for next year’s science week?

No. We’re planning another package for 2022 – The Bunsen Towers Mystery – a whodunnit on materials. However The Light Fantastic is for streaming for the WHOLE of March 2021.

Does the video have subtitles?

Not at the moment. This is something we hope to address next time.

Is there a transcript of the film available for hearing impaired children?

Yes. The script is available for an extra £25 + VAT.

If I am not happy with the product, what is the return policy?

Unfortunately, because of production costs, we are unable to accept returns. But if you are not fully satisfied, contact us to discuss the problem and we will endeavour to address any issues.

Can schools reclaim the VAT on this product?

In most cases, yes. If you are an Academy you will receive a VAT invoice to claim back the VAT in the usual way when you complete your VAT return. If you are an Authority-controlled school, your bursar should complete a County Order Purchase form in the usual way and the authority will pay and reclaim the VAT.

Can I use this video in a virtual classroom?

Yes. Full, simple instructions will be provided although children will need access to a home computer.

What age group is the science content in this video aimed at – KS1 or KS2?

It’s aimed primarily for 7-12 year olds at KS2 – but older KS1 children may also benefit as would younger KS3 (years 7 & 8). We don’t recommend it for Reception classes or very young children (below 7 years).

Are there other Kinetic science videos to stream?

At the moment this is Kinetic’s first venture driven by the current climate as we can’t perform live in schools. However we are hoping to produce more in the future.

Can your pandemic package be used by a non-science teacher? Or does it need some background science knowledge?

ANY teacher (including Supply or Stand-in teachers) can show it and no science knowledge is needed – though a knowledge of the school’s intranet system and Powerpoint would be an advantage. Full instructions are provided.

Do you suggest classroom activities?

Yes. Lots! Most of them can be done at home too with a few simple materials (eg card, a torch, tracing paper). Some do require mirrors though which schools can purchase inexpensively through school suppliers such as Brecklands Scientific or Timstar. We also provide a supporting Powerpoint presentation together with clear learning outcomes and assessment material so you can assess the progress of your students.

How do I access the added content for the Pandemic Package?

When you buy, you first complete an order form. We will then send you an invoice. Once payment has cleared we will email you details of how to easy-access the package – including a special code for streaming the video. It’s very straightforward.

The Kinetic Theatre CompanyFrequently asked questions about the ‘live shows’

How much does the ‘live show’ cost?

The normal cost is £395 + VAT for 1 performance or £695 + VAT for 2 performances. (State schools can avoid paying the VAT by processing the invoice on a County Order). Teachers go free! There are also some seasonal discounts but the advice is: Plan ahead and book early! Many leave it until the last minute when the diaries are already full. Our tour areas are mapped out 2 years in advance to give you the chance to see what’s coming.

Do you need a stage?

No. School stages tend to be too small. It’s actually better NOT to use a stage but if there is one we recommend reversing the hall and let the children at the back sit on it.

What will you need on the day?

A table, a few chairs and a power point. Preferably good access to a ground-floor hall & a blackout if possible. Also a cup of tea!

How long does the team need to set up?

We carry a lot of stuff – scenery, props, costumes, lighting equipment, sound equipment so it takes 45 minutes to set up & the same to dismantle and get out.

How many children can watch?

Up to 200 (max) assuming the hall is big enough.

Can we include Reception age children?

We recommend that the shows are not suitable for Reception Ages but if schools insist, sit them at the back as they get very scared when the lights go out!

How much space do you need?

Ideally about 20’ wide by 20’ deep and at least an 8’ height clearance. However, some parts of the sets are flexible and can be missed off for particularly small halls. Classrooms in general are NOT big enough.

Is Kinetic just the two actors we see?

NO! There’s a writer, manager, choreographer, musician, a props maker, a costume maker, a web designer, a staffed bookings office, a production office, a garage mechanic and a kettle to boil!

Are you insured?

Yes. Kinetic has full Performing Liability Insurance – however this does not extend to children backstage. For this reason the actors will not be allowed to let the children behind the set.

Do we need to do any preparatory work before the shows?

That’s entirely up to you. We issue a pack full of pre-show information with suggestions for follow-up related classroom activities. The shows are entirely “self-sufficient” so can be used as a springboard for a topic OR as revision. Some schools book, not for the science, but for the theatricality of the shows which is fine by us too!

We have Ofsted the week we want to show – should we change our schedule?

Not at all! The last Ofsted Inspector who saw a show loved it and, as the school said after, it gave the children a chance to show the Inspector what they know!

Are the shows suitable for SENDs?

Inclusion is an important part of our ethos. Generally our actors are skilled at adapting their performance to include SEND learners. Although they may not draw as much from the educational content, they benefit from a live performance.

Will the actors be the same as the ones who came last year?

Highly unlikely. Our actors work on 3 month contracts and usually move on. In some circumstances they come back for a second or third season but usually they move on up their career. Actor Graeme Hawley (The Bunsen Towers Mystery) ended up as murderer John Stape in Coronation Street!

Will an entire topic be covered?

No. It’s not possible to fit every bit of content in under the time constraints.

Are the stories real?

Not at all! The current teaching trend is to use as wide a range of imaginative situations in which to include scientific content, method & approaches. The learner thus experiences science in situations other than traditional settings. For this reason, and for theatrical & dramatic effect, the stories are over-the-top BUT the science is kept factual and real. We are a theatre company after all….

Will you teach our children?

Not specifically, no. The actors are not teachers. We are there to support your teaching and to open learning out to new and innovative situations. If learning happens – which it usually does – then so much the better!