The Bunsen Towers Mystery

A 1920’s classic musical whodunnit on materials & their separation

On the day of the village fête, the occupants of Bunsen Towers are thrown under suspicion when Lydia Bunsen’s diamond disappears!

The question is: Whodunnit??

Perhaps her father committed the crime? Or her daughter and mysterious new boyfriend? Then there’s the chauffeur, Miles, to consider.

Enter that famous detective, Monsieur Heckled Parrot, to solve the problem….. along with help from the audience of course.

Together they apply a knowledge of solids, liquids and gases, materials, mixtures and their separation, to solve The Bunsen Towers Mystery.

Science Content Lower KS2 / KS1

The children are encouraged to consider ways in which materials are grouped according to their properties and uses.

Solids, liquids and gases are introduced with particular reference to ice, water and steam. The concept of dissolving is introduced as is the notion of separation of solids and liquids through filtration. They are required to make basic, but essential observations and to record these in a systematic way.

Science Content Upper KS2

As KS1 but the children are introduced to the concept of molecules and their structure in the 2 states of matter.

Filtration is explored in greater detail and evaporation is introduced. They are required to make more complex oservations and to use these observations in order to systematically deduce a conclusion – i.e. the scientific process.

Kinetic strives to accommodate a Mixed Version for schools which cannot afford to differentiate. However please be aware that this is a very wide age range to tackle as successfully (in terms of both content and performance style) as the two main stages.


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