The Electricity Show

An electrifying all-seasons panto on simple circuits

After receiving an electric shock, student Tim rouses the the evil force of Queen Electra Cute of Cicuitland.
It soon becomeas apparent that something is seriously wrong: the citizens are refusing to move and the King’s treasured lamp will not shine!
In a battle for his life, Tim (with the help of a few panto favourites) has just one hour to get things working again….

Science Content Lower KS2 / KS1

The children are made to consider the ways which we use electricity.

The need for electrical safety is highlighted.

Cells are introduced as supplies of energy to drive electricity around a (complete) circuit.

A simple series circuit, consisting of a cell, wires, a switch and a lamp is contructed.

The need for a complete circuit is shown.

Science Content Upper KS2

Voltage and current are introduced.

The effect of increasing voltage on the speed of a motor demonstrated.

Circuit symbols as ways to represent simple series circuits are used.

Conductors and insulators are demonstrated. Parallel circuits.


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