The Light Fantastic

A Country & Western Musical on Light, Colour & the Planets

Where has all the colour gone?! The problem is literally black and white: something or someone is stealing the colours of the world! The sky is white, trees are black and the rivers a murky grey. Lost on the banks of the Ohio, Country & Western singer Roy Gee stumbles upon the Light Fantastic cafe – the last remaining place to have any colour. In a desperate bid to save the precious colours, he and cafe owner, Dolly, set to work. Using trays for mirrors, ice-cubes for prisms and saucers for lenses, they gradually unfold a major inter-planetary crisis! Only our own solar system can shed light on the problem. But is the cafe all it seems? Will the country roads take him home and will Dolly stand by her man? Find out more when you trip The Light Fantastic.

A futuristic mystery from a cowboy’s point-of-view…

Science Content Lower KS2 / KS1

Light, reflection, mirrors, colours and planets

The children are shown the difference between coloured light & white light and that white light consists of the colours of the rainbow.

Reflection is shown using mirrors with applications to the periscope and moonlight.

Darkness is shown to be the absence of light (reference: shadows) and that for us to see, light must enter the eye.

The solar system is introduced

We show an optical illusion demonstrates the fun to be had with light.

Science Content Upper KS2

As KS 1 but in greater detail

Light is shown to travel in straight lines. Colour-splitting (reflection from a CD)and the rainbow.

How we see coloured objects.

The order & names of the planets.


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Watch a clip from THE LIGHT FANTASTIC