Lady Cecily’s Soundbox

A Victorian Music Hall Melodrama on Sound and Waves

“My dearest Emily’s grandmother died recently (and rather unexpectedly I’d say….) and she left to her a box of curious gadgets. I’m sure the contents would be of interest to Mr Marconi or Thomas Edison as they seem to have something to with sound and communication.

Elizabeth, Emily’s identical twin sister who, in my opinion, is perfectly ghastly, seems to be after the box too – goodness knows why. I only hope it has nothing to do with Queens Victoria’s impending visit to London or the disappearance of that gaudy but harmless flower girl Maria….”

The tale involves mistaken identities, murderous shenanigans with all the fun and gusto of the Victorian Music Hall!

Science Content Lower KS2 / KS1

Vibrations, frequency, speed of sound & light, microphones, loudspeakers

The children are shown that sounds are created as the result of vibrations

Frequency is explained as the number of vibrations each second and is related to how we hear sounds (demonstrated with the use of a signal generator)

How sound travels through air is illustrated and its speed compared to that of light is shown with particular reference to thunder and lightning

The basic functions of the microphone and loudspeaker are explained

Science Content Upper KS2

Range of human hearing, amplitude, how sound travels, telephones, measuring time and distance

As KS1 but in greater detail…

Frequency is measured in Hertz and the range of human hearing

Amplitude is defined and its relation to the amount of energy carried by a wave is demonstrated

The children are shown how sound travels through air

The carbon microphone and its use in the telephone is explained

The children learn that time (or distance) can be measured using the speed of sound


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