Robin and the Withering Wood

An eco-musical on Life and Living Processes

“Something’s wrong with Sherwood Forest! Trees are dying, plants are wilting and the birds have flown away! I’m sure it has something to do a broken food chain or that nasty Witch Weed…

I’d love Robin to help me but he’s too busy preparing for that stupid archery competition against that bully, the Sheriff of Nottingham. AAAGH! Even Twiglet, the witch’s cat, is worried – things MUST be bad!

Can anyone help???”

The answer is to be found in the leaves, not of a book, but in those of a plant…

Science Content Lower KS2 / KS1

Definitions of living things, vertebrates, invertebrates, arthropods, habitats, flower structure, food chains

The 5 conditions which define living things and help to classify animals in a simple way involving vertebrates, invertebrates and arthropods

The meaning of a habitat and that different animals have different habitats suited to their needs

The basic structure of a flower is shown and plant growth is examined with particular emphasis on the necessity for light, water and the function of the roots

A simple food chain is demonstrated

Science Content Upper KS2

7 conditions for life, chlorophyll, action of U.V light, photosynthesis, plant reproduction, food webs, leaf design

As KS1 but in greater detail (e.g. the conditions for Life are extended to the full 7)

The role of chlorophyll and the action of U.V. light on plant growth is demonstrated and photosynthesis is explained in terms of energy

Plant reproduction is explained and the terms ovary and pollen are introduced

Food chains are extended to include food webs

The children are encouraged to examine leaf design with regard to waterproofing, respiration, and energy conversion


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